About Us

  • Service , Satsang, Sadhana, eqaulity, health & peace-All these are the Pillars of “The Real Path Of Life” Institution.
  • In the Directions of AachayaShree, thousands of divya yog sadhak of “Divya Yog Parivar” Have started working for the goal of Reconstruction of Happy, Healthy, Holistic & Peaceful Society.
  • The Real Path Of Life a way, through which every type of people , As per their personality & Interest; In direction and divine proximity of AachayaShree, with the help of various Yogik sadhana they become Genuinely spiritual & Personally makes their spiritual Journey easy, intersting and successful, they reveals their innerdormant, divinity, grandeur & splendidly.
  • First of all ,”The Real Path Of Life” Changes The point of view towards the self life of a Person(Human Being),& makes it positive, so the prospect of this way is being ready to live well, do good did ,eat & drink well, to speak & think well ,to learn good & Share whatever they have.
  • TRPOL organization is always ready to be inspiration , guide & fellow travelers of the divine spirits ,who wants to go through the real path of life without any biasness.
  • Institution is free of all type of biasness of child-elder, poor-rich, male-female, educated-uneducated, and religional and cultural differences; being a guide it just provides the real path of life to the citizen of any country to develop their soul consciousness to realization oneself.
  • “Divya Yog Parivar ( Divine Yog Family )” is free of inter-cast problems, religion differences ,biasness , egoism, misleads and casteism & always trying with open both the hand and welcomes and accept all to built a bridge of soulmateness between human beings.