Excerpt of spiritual & cultural activities of

“ The Real Path Of life” “Divya Yog Parivar”

  • To Spread awareness about yoga by running yog awareness campaigns.
  • To Organize yog sadhana shivir, yog science and yoga therapy (yog chikitsa) mega camps etc.
  • To Organize Meditation camp (Dhyan Yog sadhana Shivir) at centre and also at natural places
  • To Run “ Bal Nitya Yog Sadhana” centre for childrens in urban as well as rural areas.
  • To establish main yog centres (MYC) and Brance Yog Centre, To mobilize various courses of Yog for yog awareness and yogic chikitsa (treatment)
  • To deliver a regular series of spiritual discourse By Acharya shree under Nitya Sadhana Gyan yagna since last 14 yrs
  • To organize a series of lectures on yog science, spiritual science and modern science by acharyashree
  • To mobilize a health awareness campaign
  • To organize lectures and seminar on the subject regarding science of garbh sanskara and conduct the regular classes of garbh sanskara study for pregnant women
  • To publish books, Cds, Dvds and literature on yog and spirituality
  • To Organize one day yog camp on (world yog day) (21st june)
  • To Organize Free of charge general medical camp for Dignosis and treatment and also eye checkup and spectacles distribution camps
  • To Organize Blood donation camps.
  • To Distribute educational kit with books and stationary to poor student.
  • Distribution of basic life requirement like clothes and blankets to poor people
  • To visit orphanage and old age house to provide them necessary things.
  • To Arrange tree plantation programme
  • To Mobilize de addiction campaign to educate, aware and guide to addicted people
  • To Organize eye donation awareness programme
  • To run awareness marching against baseless beliefs and superstitions.
  • To celebrate noise and smoke free festivals
  • To Arrange “ The Real Path Of life” Award Ceremony to confer award’s and Trophy to worthiest candidates to Improve their service skill and virtues.
  • To Organize “Yog Prakharta Shodh Kasoti” and theoretical and Practical Exaggeration For various type of yogic courses
  • To Organize “Shree Krishna Uvach Pratiyogita a Competition on “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta”
  • To Realize the dictum of intimacy to undertake religious, spiritual, yogic and cultural activities for communal harmony without any type of bias and partiality of race, gender, age, rich, poor, religion and nationality.

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