Vision Of Organization

  • The Real Path of Life - Divya Yog Parivar - Shiv Yog Seva Sanstha Inspired By Aacharya Shree Maheshaji's Main Goal is to reveal hidden divine Humanity of Human beings.
  • Numbers of Devotees and Worshipers of Fellow travelers of TRPOL ( Same aimed peoples ) have Joined to achieve the goal in guidance of Aachayaa Shree Maheshaji.
  • Three Aims of Institute Are as Below::-
    • Happy, Healthy & Holistic Humanity.
    • To personally reveal your inner potential cosmic energy and get success in every Positive aspects of life.
    • To be devout in fide sense, to improve soul consciousness through Meditation, Yog-Sadhana. To establish harmony of Body, mind & Soul for The Ultimate aim of Life.