Why Join Us

Why to Join Us?/Reasons to join Us

Having know the Ultimate Aim of Life ,to Get The Real Path Of Life and To be Fellow travellers of TRPOL to get inspiration, Opportunity and direction anybody can join us without Biasness of such Age,Gender, Cast ,Religion, Nationality, Etc. As well as they Can Participate in Various Activities of Organization such as Social service, Traditional, spiritual Activities &Yogik Sadhana so that they will be able to Develope their Life in Real Mean ; In addition, The Founder of Organization Yogacharyaa MaheshaaJi has been shown The Principles of The Real Path of Life to Assimilation of Seva , Satsang, sadhana ,Samata, Svasthay, Shanti Through which prospect have to Procure mental and physical Health & Can feel Mentally Fresh as well as happy From the Bottom of Heart,Only Necessary is to being strongly Desirable to Fill life With Purity, Health, peace, Divinity& Happiness.

Requirements/Eligibility to Join Institution:-

  • Prospect Must have Burning Desire of Self Realization , Healthy &Peaceful life. And Equality, Social services, Satsang, Sadhanaare Principles of Real path of life which Prospects must be Revealed From inside.
  • Prospect Must have Decided to make his/her Life meaningful through Creative, Constructive& Selfless services.
  • Prospect should be strongly desirable to make Physical & Mental as well as Ethical , spiritual& Social level progressive by Yugic Activities.
  • Must have understanding to Have some time for himself From the Diminution of life to Get Free & Peacefulness.
  • Desire to Become a family member of ‘Shiv Yog Seva Institution’ & to make each member of Institution Progressive in Field of Spiritually.
  • Abandoning the personal ego, Making Alliance with everyone, the desire for peace and world-consciousness& The desired to spread Peace.
  • Anyone can join ‘Shiv Yog Seva Institution without any kinds of biasness such as Age, gender, religion ,Cast, etc.
  • Courtesy to Let Life Reach to its Ultimate Destination.